21 Habits of Amazingly Happy People

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August 14th 2017

Who do you know that is a super happy person? You know, that one friend who oozes joy and goodness.

Want to be more like her?

Here are 21 habits to help you bubble with happiness:

Create your own happiness.

The happiest people aren’t always the most successful. Or the wealthiest. Or the prettiest. The happiest people are the ones who choose to be happy. They make it a priority and don’t let others get them down.

Bounce back.

Happy people fail—sometimes epically. But, happy people are resilient. They bounce back in the face of adversity.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

A traffic jam that makes you late for a meeting. A pulled muscle that keeps you from running in the 5k you’ve been training for. A P96 shake spilled on your way into Target.

Sometimes bad—or inconvenient—things happen. Even to good people. It’s all about perspective. You may not be able to control or change the situation, but you can control your reaction to it. Breathe deep and relax.

Birds of a feather.

Cheerfulness is contagious. Happy people exude joy, positive energy, and lots of laughter. When you hang out with happy people, all that bliss rubs off on you—making you happier. Bonus: You’ll also appear more confident and stimulate creativity.

Invite people over.

Or go out for a cup of coffee. What you do isn’t quite as important as the fact that you’re spending in-person, quality-time with a friend.

Get past the small talk.

Happy people don’t gossip, small talk, or judge. Instead, they have meaningful interactions, engaging on a deeper level. They build emotional connections and learn from their interactions.

Streamline your mornings.

Your morning shapes how you feel about the rest of the day. When you start discombobulated, it’s tough to hit reset. What morning patterns are super healthy and helpful for you? What patterns could be streamlined?

Let it go.

That grudge you’re holding to is keeping you from moving on. Grudges are mired in feelings of resentment, hurt, and anger. Letting go frees you from the negative feelings standing in your way to happiness.

Be grateful.

Harness the power of thankfulness. Grab a journal—or even a white board—and every day spend a few moments writing down the people, moments, opportunities, or things for which you’re grateful. Empowered with this list, you’ll experience more positive emotions, have a better chance to reach goals, and better cope with stress.

Fun Tip: Experience gratitude and save for a special experience. Put a fancy jar next to your bed. Before you go to sleep, think of a few things you’re grateful for. Add a dollar to the jar for each.

Make your problems your opportunities.

A problem isn’t a problem without the attitude. Change your internal dialogue to reframe problems as opportunities to shape your life—or yourself—for the better.

No excuses.

Blaming others or the situation for bumps in the road doesn’t allow for you to move past them (see the tip on resilience). Take responsibility for missteps and mishaps and learn from the opportunity.

Live in the moment.

Happy people are truly immersed in the here and now. Savor the moment. Every moment. Even if that means putting your phone away during a particularly boring meeting.

Lose yourself.

Or better yet…lose track of time. Immerse yourself into something that challenges and innovates you and get carried away. You’ll experience the joy that is diminished self-consciousness. And might even reach a goal or two!

Devote time to giving—doesn’t matter what.

Give your time, your talent, or your treasure—or any combination of these! Volunteer at a shelter. Teach a child to play the drums. Or donate to your favorite non-profit. The simple act of giving creates a sense of euphoria.

Love the skin you’re in.

You are a rock star. You’re working hard to be healthy—and happy! Be proud of the little steps and confident that you’re ah-MAZ-ing. It’ll all add up to a great big, healthy journey.

Stay busy.

There’s a difference between being busy and feeling rushed. Feeling rushed leads to stress and—eventually—unhappiness. If you’re feeling over-committed, look at your priorities. If you’re bored, take on a new challenge.

Schedule a little fun.

We rarely follow up on nebulous promises to ourselves to “grab lunch with Julie sometime” or “start working out.” Instead, break out that calendar and pencil in the excitement. Plan a trip. Or just carve out 30 minutes to have lunch in the park.


Our lives are constantly filled with technology—and all its convenience. Take time to get away from the tech and enjoy a little peace.

Take care…of yourself.

Eat right. Exercise regularly. Get quality sleep. Find healthy ways to decompress.


Smiling works like a palindrome—that’s fancy schmancy for a word that’s the same backward as it is forward. What we mean is…your brain doesn’t care if you were already happy and then smiled. Or, you weren’t in a great mood and then smiled. The result is the same. Happy.

Mix it up.

Music is a super mood enhancer and the soundtrack of your life. What are you listening to on the way to work? At the gym?  Happy people choose upbeat, feel-good tunes.

You’ve got the power…to be the happy human you want to be.

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